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Name of Company: Takashima Crepe Finishing Corp., Ltd.
Address: 1411 Shin Asahi-cho Asahi, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture 520-1501 Japan
Tel: 0740-25-3515 
Capital: 76.5 million Yen
Business Category: Dyeing and finishing industry
Business Content: Bleaching, dyeing, textile printing, and selling of cotton crepe and other materials. 
No. of Members: 8 corporations – Introduction of members
Founded in October 1954
October 1954

Established as a section for processing bleached cotton of the Takashima Textile Industrial Association.

December 1958

Takashima Crepe Finishing Co-op. was established (independent of the processing section of the Takashima Textile Industrial Association).

March 1970

Reorganized Takashima Crepe Finishing Co-op. to Takashima Crepe Finishing Corp. Ltd.

September 1974

The new factory was completed. The address was changed to its current location.

September 1979

The wastewater treatment facility was renewed and extended.

December 1979

Additionally a product warehouse was built.

July 1980

The waste heat recovery system was installed.

August 1981

A new dye house was added.

August 1984

A new printing factory was added.

September 1990

The portable electric rack was introduced.

July 1991

The high temperature dryer, Mangle SST system was introduced. 

July 1998

A new dye house was added.

December 2008 

The dyeing and printing wastewater treatment system was introduced.

January 2010 

The high performance 6t once-through boiler was installed.

January 2012 

“Takashima Crepe” was registered as trademark.

October 2012 

The high-performance 6t once-through boiler was installed.

November 2012 

The Mercury arc lamps in the factory were replaced by LED.

January 2013 

A paddle dyeing machine and a product dryer were installed.

September 2014 

The high-performance transformer was installed.

January 2015 

The fluorescent lights in the administration building and the factory were replaced by LED.

June 2015 

Two cartridge vacuum kiers were installed.

January 2016 

The high-performance dryer was installed.

January 2016 

The high-performance packaging machine was installed. 


Registered as a trademark on January 6 2012.