Our factory uses a biological treatment method to remove polluting substances from the processing effluent dependent upon aspects of water contamination in rivers, lakes and swamps.
Industrial liquid waste from our factory is a mixture of cotton impurities from grey fabric, starch, warp yarn glue such as PVA, and finishing agents. Consequently, it is high in PH, BOD, COD and SS concentration.
The condensation and coagulation method (removal of starch, PVA and hue) and the activated sludge type wastewater treatment (the cleansing of impurities by certain organisms and the decomposition into water and carbon dioxide) are used to bring down the levels of BOD, COD and SS and to keep the PH level at neutral.
With the above measures, we make sure we preserve the natural environment. We meet all the requirements of laws and regulations, including the Water Pollution Control Law, the prefectural law, the city law and the Ordinance for the Prevention of Eutrophication of Lake Biwa, which was introduced in July 1981.


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